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AUTOTROL® 740/760 CONTROL 255 & PERFORMA SERIES VALVES (268, 268 FA) SERVICE MANUAL www. Though both are similar in function, the Autotrol Series 1265 bypass offers simplicity and ease of operation. If your Autotrol control valve uses the Logix 760 or 762 controller then you can use these instruction.

The most common bypass systems are the Autotrol® Series 256 bypass valve (Figure 4) and plumbed-in globe valves (Figure 5). Unlike timer-based systems, the meter-demand system regenerates only when necessary. I just moved into a house with an Autotrol TC softener system. The most common bypass systems are the Autotrol Series 1265 bypass valve (Figure 1) and plumbed-in globe valves (Figure 2). Autotrol® Brand Performa™ ProSoft Controls Water Conditioning Control System Home Owner Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual For sales or service questions please contact your local dealer: Your Local Dealer Is:Rev A.

Autotrol/Osmonics 440i or 460i Manual. User Manual User Manual. The open flapper will allow untreated (hard) water to blend with the treated water supply. MKT-IM-011 / C - 25. amer 60 hz: 3002874: 298/742 logix upgrade pkg - n. If you interested in reading one user manual right now, check out this online ge Autotrol. Control Autotrol 255 and Autotrol Performa Series Valves (268, 268FA).

INSTALLATION continued B Y P A S S B Y P A S S B Y P A S B Y P A S S Figure 4 Autotrol Series 256 Bypass Valve Water. Our Autotrol Performa LOGIX 268/760 Electronic Meter Water Softeners include Structural mineral tank and Clack brine tank. 1 Autotrol® Series 255 Valve / 440i Control Water Conditioning Control System Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual Osmonics reserves the right to revise specifications and designs to improve products at any time without notice. These videos are intended for the use of our loyal partners and their dealers. Pentair Autotrol 740/760/255/268 Service Manual - Page 7 Document Details: 48 pages, 2. 268/740 logix upgrade pkg - n.

amer 60 hz: 1254998: 268/742 logix upgrade pkg - n. Autotrol Repair Parts Models 155, 1550-TC, 150, 160, 163, 168, 255, 263, 268 * Parts listed alphabetically and Made by GE Osmonics Autotrol ** These are all Genuine - New Autotrol parts **. View and Download Autotrol Logix 740 operation manual online. Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC 12/4/12. Pentair Autotrol 740/760/255/268 Service Manual - Page 19. 742/762 Service Manual. 740/760 Service Manual Size: 3.

For example, there are Autotrol 268 440i manual, Autotrol 760 Logix control time autotrol model 268 760 manual manual, osmonics Autotrol 440i manual, etc. The World model accepts either 60 or 50 Hz input and will. 764-Professional level metered control with fully programmable cycle times and salt amount for multiple tank applications. fm Page 1 Tuesday, J 1:35 PM. amer 60 hz: 3002862: 268/760 logix upgrade pkg; n. it was here when we bought the I just moved into a house with an Autotrol TC.

Autotrol / Osmonics Manuals; Autotrol / Osmonics Parts. 740/760 Control 255 and Performa Series Valves (268, 268FA) Operation Manual For Sales & Service questions please contact your dealer: Your local dealer is:. AUTOTROL TURBINE WATER METER INSTRUCTION MANUAL Lakewood Instruments 7838 North Faulkner Road, Milwaukee, WI 53224 USA Phone• Fax. Logix 740 control unit pdf manual autotrol model 268 760 manual download. Document Details: 48 pages, 2. Autotrol 268/760 Manual (Parts list pages 31-36) FEATURES AND BENEFITS (Autotrol 268 Series Control Valve) Time-tested Duraflow flapper provides frictionless sealing for longer service life Fiber-reinforced polymer valve body for superior strength and durability, non-corrosive, and UV-resistant. Installer Manual Performa/ LOGIXGeneralities 6 / 78 Ref.

Performa 263/268. com will aid you locate the unrivalled water softener with factors, use, and your wallet in mind. Installer Manual 255-LOGIXGeneralities 6 / 76 Ref. This is a detailed review of the Autotrol Water Softener and I will examine the claims made by the brand and tell you if it&39;s worth buying or not. Installation Instructions - Autotrol 740, 760, 255, 268, 268FA Select a Model Select options below to identify the UPC, Order Code, and Repair Kit for a specific Autotrol 263, 268 (Logix).

Manual override regeneration provides extra soft water exactly when you need it The Autotrol LOGIX 268/760 Meter-Demand system can cut salt and water use by autotrol model 268 760 manual as much as 40%! There you can find a description of valve and controller, step-by-step installation process, maintaining and operating advice, etc. For Sales & Service questions please contact your dealer: Your local dealer is: 742/762 Control 255 and Performa Series Valves (263, 268, 268FA) Operation Manual. It informs the user to ensure efficient execution of the installation, operation or maintenance procedures. Has 1" in and out.

MKT-IM-001 / C - 08. AUTOTROL® 740/760 CONTROL 255 & PERFORMA SERIES VALVES (268, 268 FA) SERVICE MANUAL www. Blending valve kit Tightening the adjusting screw provided by the kit will force the bypass flapper open. AUTOTROL / OSMONICSMANUAL. 760-Simple economic electronic meter control. Though both are similar in function, the 256 Autotrol bypass offers simplicity and ease of operation. Autotrol 760 Timer Spec Sheet; Autotrol 760 Timer Spec Sheet (Spanish) Autotrol 760 Timer Spec Sheet (French Canadian) Autotrol 740 Timer Spec Sheet; Autotrol 740 Timer Spec Sheet (Spanish) Autotrol 740 Timer Spec Sheet (French Canadian) Autotrol 740/760 Control 255 & Performa Manual (268, 268 FA) Pentair Residential Filtration Warranty. The inherent reliability for the system means a long life of efficient, trouble-free, uninterrupted soft water luxury.

The color shown in the picture is not necessarily what you will get, it could also come in blue depending on our stock. With a clap, you can choose by type, such as Water, Water Softener, Water Softeners or Home. Turbine for Demand Systems Internal Standard Autotrol® 1-inch (25 mm) turbine; Bypass Valve, Model 1265 Thermoplastic, 1-inch flow path; Bypass Fitting Kits: Copper, Sweat Tube Adapter 1-1/4-inches, 1-inch or 3/4 inch (32 mm, 25 mm or 19 mm). Earlier models used 4 control timers, and all newer models use the Logix 740 or 760 controllers instead. amer 60 hz: 3002864: 293/742f logix upgrade pkg - n. Scope of the documentation. As the adjusting screw is turned in, the hardness of the outlet water increases.

Installer Manual Performa/ LOGIXDescription 3. Distill by model, like Water Softener, 268/760, Logix 255/760, Logix 255/740 and more. Installation/Operation Manual Size:.

Top 10 Autotrol Water Softener Comparison. Figure 1 - Autotrol Series 1265 Bypass Valve Figure 2 - Typical Globe Valve Bypass System Drain Line Connection. Manual for Autotrol (TC) Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual for the Series (which is the same as TC).

Autotrol 762 Valve Spec Sheet; Autotrol 268 Valve Manual; Structural Poly Glass Tank Spec Sheet "Why Do You Need a Water Softener" Overview: The Residential Water Softener with Autotrol 268 Performa Valve and Autotrol 762 Metered Control combine design simplicity with strength, durability and a professional level of metered control. Autotrol Service Manuals/Spec Sheets. GE / AUTOTROL 742 / 762 CONTROL, 255 & PERFORMA VALVE MANUAL PDF (Models 263, 268, 268FA Operating Manual () GE AvantaPure® 269 Water Conditioner MANUAL PDF Water Treatment equipment from GE, () GE AUTOTROL PERFORMA FILTER VALVE I&O MANUAL PDF 440i / 940F / 960F controls () Also see the AUTOTROL & LOGIX Water Softener Manuals. The Logix 7 controllers are used primarily with the Autotrol 2 valves. All systems have a 5/10 year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee! AUTOTROL 742/762 CONTROL 255 & PERFORMA SERIES VALVES (263, 268, 268 FA) SERVICE MANUAL waterpurification. Need Manual for the Autotro TC. Operation manual start up and maintenance manuel autotrol 255 logixmanual d’ utilisation mise en marche et maintenance manual de puesta en marcha puesta en marcha y mantenimiento steuerung bedienungshandbuch inbetriebnahme und wartung/ logixde es fr en/ 04/ 09 autotrol 255 logixmanual 11: 40 page 1.

Scope of the documentation The documentation provides the nece ssary information for appropriate use of the product. Operates 255, 263, 268, 278, and Magnum® IT with one controller; Uses for Autotrol Performa 263/268. Comes complete with bypass, tube adapters and brine tank. There may come a time in the life of your water softener where you need to do a master reset of the Autotrol Logix controller.

To find a reputable dealer in your area visit Internal Autotrol turbine Variable reserve for increased efficiency Auxiliary switch kits Timer wall mount kits 740-Simple economic electronic time clock control. amer 60 hz: 3002879: 298/762 logix upgr pkg - n. Autotrol 268/760 Logix control valve with a 48,000 grain softener tank. Autotrol 268 Performa Water Softener The 268/760 computer/demand control system for 1" plumbing combines design simplicity with reinforced NORYL construction to provide you with an uncommonly reliable appliance. The Performa 2 valve replaced the Autotrol 1 around.

Autotrol model 268 760 manual

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