2010 yukon rear hatch won't open manually

Rear manually open

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&0183;&32;Generation 2 SiennaGeneral Discussion (Gen 2). dr_bartolo Well-known member. anyone else with this situation. GMC Yukon 58,000 mi, Visitor. I cant seem to get my hatch to open with using the key fob.

Pressing the unlock button or closing the tailgate fully and opening again will get me going. I could hear the electric motor whizzing when I press on the latch button. Rear Tailgate Hatch Stuck On Your Honda Fit? The button under the dash is better than the fob, but both often require that you kind of grab the edge of the trunk and apply a little upward pressure for the trunk to open. I have removed all the panels. dealership said that I needed a new motor. &0183;&32; ML320 rear hatch won't unlatch. Rear hatch wont unlock with the FOB or key.

Now 2010 yukon rear hatch won't open manually all of the other doors and windows on the other 4 doors work. rear hatch door does not close. should have used a broom handle. AUTOSAVER88 Liftgate Lift Supports Compatible with Chevy Suburban Tahoe Cadillac Escalade GMC Yukon RearTailgate Struts Hatch Shocks Trunk Props 2Pcs. My highlander ltd 4wd has its power hatch (lift gate) stuck closed. The Remote works on all other devices in my escape.

It appears the lock is actuated by motors inside it. Went to get the groceries out of the back and the rear door wont open. &0183;&32;Rear liftgate won't open. I decided to combine all pertinent information into one how-to thread. No noise from the actuator in the back, but all the other door actuators are making noise. &0183;&32;Opening hatch with key fob wont work. I'm unable to open the rear cargo 2010 doors in my GMC Yukon XL (1500 4WD). It has had a new latch, readjustment, etc.

dealership replace the shocks. If I lock the rear doors manually, they will unlock. . I do not have the complete power liftgate where there is a motor to open the liftgate. I read through most other threads but my symptoms seemed different. I regard the rear hatch will not open as a major fuss.

Discussion Starter • 1 •. &0183;&32;It has to be manually locked and unlocked. &0183;&32;Rear hatch won't open. I have to click the unlock button twice to unlock all doors.

&0183;&32;Rear hatch won't open from the button. GMC Yukon 130,000 mi, Visitor. They are quoting 9 to replace the sensor.

I started planning to take the Suburban to the dealer to troubleshoot the problem and my wife noticed air noise coming from somewhere. While holding the rear hatch handle in open position (lift handle up) - use screw driver to lightly push the lock mechanism down (not up). which seems weird. Yes, it has been working for more than a year. I cant get the lock to unlock with the wireless key and it has no entry for a key on the hatch. &0183;&32;I rarely manually open the hatch door. Page 1 of 2 1 2. Anything obvious to check before diving into the wiring diagram?

If the hatch still does not open, the latch likely broke inside the door where the latch actuator arm attaches to it. I can't open the hatchback when all doors are locked. Is there a step by step procedure for diagnosing the. Car is otherwise straight. I either press the open button in the ceiling before getting out or press the open button on the fob as I approach the van. If needing to manually open a hatch you will have to take the plastic cover from the.

Start Here Before You Take It To A Mechanic Start Here Before You Take It To A Mechanic If the rear hatch on your Honda Fit won't open, try this simple. I have the twin doors with the fixed glass in the rear of my vehicle. When I press the switch in the gate, I can hear the. GMCMAN4387 MEMBER; GMC YUKON; Electrical problem GMC Yukon V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic Just out of no where the rear hatch will not work what so ever.

• ⇒If the liftgate will not remain open, replace the liftgate struts. all the button does is beep 3 times, no matter if it's open or closed. It just happened out of the blue. Don't know exactly what it was that was spilled but it was so sticky that it was preventing the rear hatch from opening. The battery was disconnected by the dealership due to a previous visit, and now the left sensor thinks the door is always open. &0183;&32;Rear Hatch won't open. &0183;&32;Highlander power rear hatch stuck.

atikovi &183; Registered. &0183;&32;But now it won't latch (the car dash shows the 2010 yukon rear hatch won't open manually rear lift gate is open) and none of the three buttons to operate the door will work (the key fob, the button on the door itself, and the button on the dash). you can hold the button down long enough to unlatch, and slowly raise it.

&0183;&32;I have a Subaru Forester and my rear hatch won't open. I pulled over into a parking lot, looked at the rear hatch which was firmly closed, cycled the hatch anyway. 1 of 2 Go to page.

If you have an electrical issue, this may give you a guideline. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. &0183;&32;opening rear hatch.

Did the same with the rear hatch but did not look at the DIC when hatch was opened. It does not mater if I am using the remote, or if i am using the lock/unloc button on the drivers door. &0183;&32;Rear hatch was working fine this morning. Works as advertised. &0183;&32;Re: Tailgate won't open Post by Essjay &187; Mon 9:25 pm Hi Clive, I don't know if it's any help, but on the mk2 Tig you can manually open the tailgate with the key from inside the boot, if for instance the battery has been disconnected or is flat. &0183;&32;The OM instructions are indeed rather poor, IMHO.

Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 24 Posts. . It doesn’t matter whether you use the button on the outside handle, or the switch. Easy install, all clips included, fit perfect.

GMC Yukon XL Rear Hatch Lift Support. The liftgate is having electronic switch (instead of manual lever) to unlock the door. It would be nice to be able to open the hatch by itself, but it sounds like yukon you can only do that with the IV and V. If you don't hold. Seems this is a common problem. Pics are attached. &0183;&32;He can walk up to the rear hatchback and open it when all doors are locked because his SKS key is programmed to do it. I have had it to the dealer a couple times.

no tumbler,cylinder on this model. Discussion Starter • 1 •. I can't push it closed all the way now, so it still jiggles somewhat and my dash indicator shows it as opened. Command the LGM Open/Close Test with a scan tool, the liftgate should perform the OPEN and CLOSE functions. Nissan Versa Rear Hatchback Will Not Open. You’re working on a vehicle with a tailgate that won’t open. You can also lock/unlock the.

&0183;&32;My rear hatch started sagging when open. You will know if it's the cable if you. It does open from the exterior button and if I press the key fob trunk release for a few seconds, the glass opens. lock releases and beeps when remote is activated, but latch won't release and gate can't open until manually opened. dhh3 &183; The Univalent Radical.

I can hear the motor actuating when I squeeze the handle by the license plate, and it does open a bit, but it won't unlatch. Back hatch door will not open. &0183;&32;The hatch won't close because part of the lock mechanism is stuck in closed position while hatch is actually open. There is nothing caught or wrapped around lock. &0183;&32;There are tons of 2010 yukon rear hatch won't open manually threads out there with bits and pieces of information about how to fix a rear hatch that won't open. Then, happened to note that the rear window was. Any help would be appreciated. like found on the doors?

dirty hippie &183; Registered. So here is what I noticed. simcha1293 &183; Registered. &0183;&32;One thing that is causing me an issue is opening the rear hatch.

so it is not a remote/battery issue. &0183;&32;You can still manually open the trunk without electricity. EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED. It will reset easily - feather touch. &0183;&32;I have a 06, and her rear hatch will not open.

The salesman checked with a service guy who suggested I open it fully, then gently close it, and then press to hold the door closed for. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. I tried this "feature" today from inside our Forester with the rear seat backs folded down. Works fine when pressing the button on the hatch itself. Jump to Latest Follow.

The rear gate not unlocking is due to the right front door remaining locked, this is from a Honda bulletin; Currently Applies To: 10-12 Crosstour, 07-12 CR-V, 09-12 Pilot with non-power tailgate. When I leave my work place on hot summer days, I open the hatch door and sliding doors with the fob to let hot air escape the interior. Buy Rear Liftgate Door Lock Actuator - Replaces,, 746015,Compatible with Chevy, GMC & Cadillac Vehicles - Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Denali, Escalade, ESV, EXT - Tailgate Hatch: Power Door Lock - Amazon. I hope this helps someone out. Discussion Starter • 1 •. No noise from the actuator in the back, but all the other door actuators are making.

In order to open my trunk I have to go through the backseat and take a screwdriver and manually open the latch. &0183;&32;Rear hatch won't open! Press J to jump to the feed. It opens fine when using the key in the taillight, but when I press the button, nothing happens. &0183;&32;TAILGATE WON'T OPEN Discussion in 'LR3' started by djatkinson,.

I've unlocked it with the fob several times and tried again. However, the rear hatch can be opened from the inside, you just have to push the release slide all the way over (toward the car's left side) and hold it there while pushing the hatch open. The lock will release but lifting on the hatch it won't open. The fuse is good. But anyway, I was just.

Rear hatch won't open. Replacement parts. A little clean up and the van is good as new. The owners manual points to the round access plate covering the rear locking mechanism, but all I am able to do is lock or unlock the hatch with the screwdriver slot inside, not open it. I need to open the hatch without power. I have to clime in take the back cover off and open it manually. Vraux &183; Registered. No whirling noise.

but the normal 'open' and 'close' mechanism (what. The link below shows some pictures of what is inside the lower half. The hatch should pop if you use the key if the electrical current is out. I have tried switching the lock and unlock relay, that is located in the fuse panel and it still does the same thing. &0183;&32;I purchased this 05 cayenne turbo a month ago and a few weeks ago I found out I couldnt open the rear hatch with the interior hatch release or from the key fob.

&0183;&32;Golf Rear hatch locked itself and won't open now. The glass also will not open 2010 yukon rear hatch won't open manually or even make a sound. I have a sienna that will power open the rear hatch, but not power close it. It seems caught on the lock still. agape1231 Posts: 1. I've tried holding various buttons down with no result. I have to climb in back and unlatch it manually to open it. My Dodge Nitro was in a flash flood this weekend.

2010 yukon rear hatch won't open manually

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