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Launch control optimizes the acceleration from 0-60 mp/h, so that great acceleration values can be achieved. Now you can release the brake - your Audi will be accelerated optimally from the stand. To activate the Launch Control function, Sport Plus mode must be on, brake pedal must be fully depressed and then accelerator pedal must be fully depressed. Posted on Novem Novem; by Mike Kojima; After tuning the engine on the World Dyno, Mitch worked with us in cleaning up low end driveability a little and tuning the launch control. The engine will rev past 3k when in neutral so no issues there and yes Launch control shows as activated on the dash and steering wheel. Porsche pegs the needle at about 5,000 rpm for Macan Turbo launches, and thereafter the seven-speed. 2 - Disable traction control by holding down ESC button.

Launch Control Instructions Small Version (250k - low quality photos)----- WARNING - the car keeps a count of the number of times you have performed Launch Control and this information is accessible by the dealer, so if you suddenly need a new clutch after a miles and your LC count is on 50 there may be warranty problems. Look like the program for LC is changed. The 987 is a brilliant car and the 2ndgeneration, which launched in improved on that car in every way.

2 Cayman in the country. Text Messaging for Real Estate Investors. Step 2: Start the Launch Control. I&39;ve mostly been looking at 06-08 CSs, but I&39;ve been wondering if there is a significant difference between the 987. If you don&39;t release brake within 5 seconds it will disable launch control. Press the PSM button on the dash to deactivate the stability Control.

I had a word with BHPian Dante who was the lucky one to purchase one of the first 987. Activating Launch Control again from this state will require pressing the “ESC OFF” launch control 987.2 manual button once. This feature is intended for use during closed course race events where consistent zero to 60 and quarter mile times are desirable. As a class winner in at the 24-hour Nürburgring on the notorious Nordschleife, the hot-blooded race car driver conquered one of the most demanding racetracks in the world in a BMW M3 GT4. 2 Im currently looking around at Caymans.

Launch control will abort before launch completion and. If you download them you do not get updates so you will have to repurchase them. 2 Porsche Cayman S, More Butt Kicking Power than the GT4! Videos on youtube saying that i have to turn VDC off, and put left foot on the break as deeply as i can, and mildly press on gas until rev reachs around 3500~4000, then release the break, and quickly press the gas as hard as i can. Pulling off the perfect drag strip launch in a manual-transmission car is tricky. Launch Control is only available when the following criteria are met:. v8s 987.2 have the feature as well.

That launch control system is mighty aggressive compared to that of other manufacturers, too. Turbo ALL. While I have used Launch Control a few times. The Novation Launchpad app is a loop-triggering performance app. 1 which is a completetly different engine. I have the "Basic" 987 workshop manuals and I can tell you that the PDF manuals posted so far on the Porsche tech site are incomplete.

For the Boxster they have come in 5 generations:,, 987. Cheers guys, I saw MrDemons thread about his upgrades but his is a 987. Shift into first gear. 762 just means the car is pre-configured with popular options (e.

I can help you get service information on the 987 including complete part numbers, exploded views, and the "Basic " workshop manual. Performance Traction Management modes are. On my M5 it was possible to change the engine speed for the launch control using the cruise control stalk but I see no mention of this in the Boxster manual. Manual Transmission Launch Control. Use the pads on Launch Control to trigger sounds and FX, and the knobs to control volume and filters. Learn more about the How to: Launch a Porsche 911 Carrera S Manual and PDK - Article.

In my, even the manual says selecting S3. Launch control will be active until the vehicle reaches 62 mph (100 kph), at which point the ESC system continues in ESC Partial mode. This website uses cookies. 2 Cayman Performance Software and ECU Tuning _____ Boxster S Engineers muse, 04:22 PM. We share information about your use. Thanks for checking. bluetooth phone prep, Bose, Carerra wheels, navigation etc), in another word, the rest of the options listed. Read a review and see pictures of the How to: Launch a Porsche 911 Carrera S Manual and PDK at Car.

See more videos for Launch Control 987. It helps you focus more on your music and less on your laptop, by providing 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders, all of which integrate seamlessly with Live to give you total hands-on control. Page 2 USING LAUNCH CONTROL WITH iPAD Launch Control can be connected to an Apple iPad. 1s from the 0-62mph time of an expertly driven six-speed manual car, such are the slickness and speed of its shifts. Launch Control Feature only available for 997.

1 C2, C2S, C4, C4S, GT3, GT3RS (Non-Turbo. TheBoxster andCayman have an exhaust system with the primary cats inside the left and right. No launch control or suspension option.

Release the brake and hang on. Unless it cuts in automatically with sport+ setting. Also it doesn&39;t matter if you select sport or sport+ or even efficient in "Launch Control" while you need to floor the gas. Race car driver, winner of the 24-hour Nürburgring, BMW instructor: Stefan Landmann stays on the ideal line. I saw many videos on the youtube about how to do launch launch control 987.2 manual control. Please bear in mind that. Get it right, and “Launch Control active” will appear in the onboard computer display. 2 vehicles and all 997 Turbo vehicles ONLY.

1 S Part ’s 87182, 87174-3. Rather than dump the clutch and risk breaking drivetrain parts this launch control device allows for consistent, smooth engagement that is adjustable based on driving style and track conditions. 2- for those who aren’t familiar Porsche gives internal names to each model and generation.

The MAP Hydraulic Launch Control Device allows the user to adjust clutch engagement during the launch for optimal performance and repeatability. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the "programmed launch control like the rtrontic" is NOT JUST a feature of the "manual v10", but rather it is a feature of the manual transmission car, beginning with the model. Porsche Cayman/Boxter 987.

3 - Press down brake pedal (HARD) 4 - Stand on gas, tach will climb for me to ~6k rpm and hold there. 2 (Gen 2) Never thought much about this particular model, as there were very few of them sold in India over a short span of 3 years. We do this to better understand how visitors use our site and to offer you a more personal experience.

The car has the "Sport Plus" button, and most definitely has Launch control, so that means it has Sport Chrono correct? 7 Thank you for purchasing launch control 987.2 manual your new launch control 987.2 manual 987. An Apple Camera Connection Kit is required (available from the Apple Store or online). 5 - Release brake and hang on for dear life. Is it possible to do launch control with A7 370z?

The engine revs to 6500 rpm, the clutch closes slightly and the message ‘Launch Control ’ appears in the display on the PDK steering wheel. Hi all I am considering a retrofit of sport mode - OPC have confirmed its available and have given a quote of around £800 - £1000 (variation is uncertainty about the new switch required - I think its included, they werent sure - and will check and confirm if I decide to proceed) Car is 2. 2 generation, the manual gearbox has a self-adjusting X-Tend clutch registering the gradual decrease in clutch pad thickness and, by turning an adjustment ring, setting off and compensating the gap caused by clutch pad wear. With the optional Launch Control function which manages traction off the line, a further 0. Repeat steps 3 through 8. The 987 is a brilliant car and the 2 nd generation, which launched in improved on that car in every way.

The Boxster now looks different but not massively so. Upshifts happen automatically as long as the pedal is to the floor. You&39;ve got to juggle a lot of different variables—your car&39;s traction capabilities, the RPM at which it makes. Those settings are throttle response setting which is not subject to LC. Stay on the brake and then push the "throttle" - The torque display will increase to about 5000 RPM. INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR 987. Launch Control is a form of traction control that manages tire spin while launching the vehicle. Launch Control XL is the ultimate controller for Ableton Live.

2 seem to respond quite differently to certain upgrades. You now know the procedure to carry out the launch control with an Audi, for example an RS model. 4s, 987 gen 2 with pdk and sport chrono. 1 Cayman / Boxster IPD intake plenum. Generation Choose an option 997. To activate the Launch Control function, Sport Plus mode must be on, brake pedal must be fully depressed and then accelerator pedal must be fully depressed.

Here is some info concerning the exhaust setup of a 987-2, that is the Boxster and Cayman made from MY to, also known as the DFI, gen2, mk2 or facelift versions. Similar to Audi or BMW you have to activate this Launch Control first. ,andto current.

How this works exactly we would like to explain to you in our instructions:. 2s can be stripped from the performance envelope. * with Launch Control From the 987.

The system actually shaves 0.

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